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model output prepared for IPCC AR4

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This simulation was initiated from year 2000 of CCSM3 model run b30.030a and executed on hardware cheetah.ccs.ornl.gov. The input external forcings are ozone forcing : A1B.ozone.128x64_L18_1991-2100_c040528.nc aerosol optics : AerosolOptics_c040105.nc aerosol MMR : AerosolMass_V_128x256_clim_c031022.nc carbon scaling : carbonscaling_A1B_1990-2100_c040609.nc solar forcing : Fixed at 1366.5 W m-2 GHGs : ghg_ipcc_A1B_1870-2100_c040521.nc GHG loss rates : noaamisc.r8.nc volcanic forcing : none DMS emissions : DMS_emissions_128x256_clim_c040122.nc oxidants : oxid_128x256_L26_clim_c040112.nc SOx emissions : SOx_emissions_A1B_128x256_L2_1990-2100_c040608.nc Physical constants used for derived data: Lv (latent heat of evaporation): 2.501e6 J kg-1 Lf (latent heat of fusion ): 3.337e5 J kg-1 r[h2o] (density of water ): 1000 kg m-3 g2kg (grams to kilograms ): 1000 g kg-1 Integrations were performed by NCAR and CRIEPI with support and facilities provided by NSF, DOE, MEXT and ESC/JAMSTEC.

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